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IBM Power 720 Express Server

Spesifikasi IBM Power 720 Express Server

Leadership POWER7+ performance
  • Access data faster and improve response time
  • Do more work with fewer servers and benefit from infrastructure cost savings from a reduction in the number of servers and software licenses
RAS Features
  • Keep applications up and running so you can focus on growing your business
Light Path Diagnostics
  • Easily and quickly diagnose hardware problems, reducing service time
PowerVM Virtualization
  • Easily add workloads as your business grows
  • Utilize the full capability of the system to reduce infrastructure costs by consolidating workloads running the AIX, IBM i or Linux operating systems. Up to 20 partitions per core can be supported.
  • Provides ability to handle unexpected workload peaks by sharing resources
Intelligent Threads
  • Optimize performance by selecting the suitable threading mode for your application
Active Memory Expansion
  • Enables more work to be done with existing server resources. Enhanced for even greater performance via hardware accelerators with POWER7+ processors.
Flexibility and choice of AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems
  • Choose the operating environment that best suits your application and business needs
IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ with EnergyScale Technology
  • Dramatically and dynamically improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs with innovative energy management capabilities
  • Enables businesses to continue operations when energy is limited

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IBM Power 720 Express Server

Berat300 gram
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